Nature Photography 

So, it’s 11:30 right now, and I’m down the Cape. I wouldn’t have remembered to write this in the morning, so I’m writing it now.

Tonight, I want to show you guys some of my nature photos. It’s a secret hobby I have when I’m off for a week before a show. Some of these photos were taken with my phone, but most of them were taken with my Canon t5i Rebel.

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SayWeCanFly – Boston

So, I got to see SayWeCanFly on a Sunday afternoon in Boston. Just one more reason everybody should live in Boston (or just south of it, like me). SayWeCanFly (Braden Barrie) is an acoustic musician from Canada. He headlined the show with Lily BlackDefret, Woven in Hiatus and 7 Minutes in Heaven (who happen to know my friend Steve Knecht) at the Middle East in Boston. If you haven’t heard SayWeCanFly, check them (him) out here. Stop by my Flickr page to see more shots from live shows.

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7 Minutes In Heaven, Defret – Boston

Once again, I had the pleasure of shooting Defret at the Middle East in Boston (thanks guys!) with Lily Black, Woven in Hiatus , 7 Minutes in Heaven (who happen to know my friend Steve Knecht) and the super cool SayWeCanFly. It was such a great show, and so much fun. All of the bands rocked. Check out some shots below, and stay tuned for live shots from SayWeCanFly. Stop by my Flickr page to see more shots from live shows.

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An Interview with Loveovernite!


I am so excited to share my interview with 19 year old Kai Salmon of Loveovernite!. Kai is from Ontario, Canada. For a young guy, Kai already has quite a few years of experience under his belt. He started writing, recording and producing music at the age of nine, and taught himself how to play the piano and guitar. He also went to an arts-focused high school where he concentrated on vocal training, and played in a few bands. At 19, Kai knows what he wants to do and is hard at work on his solo project – Loveovernite!

Check out Loveovernite! on iTunes or on SoundCloud. Once you do, you will be begging for another interview. Don’t forget to share the love on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Tumblr. So if you want to read the interview, keep reading!

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An Interview with Steve Knecht

BLOG IMAGE_1Have you seen Steve Knecht live? You should. He’s awesome. AND, if you are reading this in Boston, he is probably performing right now… down the street, or upstairs, or some place close by. He is a student at Berklee, walking the same halls as (most of) the guys from Imagine Dragons, Bruno Mars (he didn’t stay long, but still pretty cool), and John Mayer.

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The Light in the Cave Tour

Chunk! No Captain, Chunk! & I See Stars

Worcester Palladium – February 24

I had the pleasure of shooting The Light in the Cave Tour at the Worcester Palladium. The Palladium is a tough venue for a photographer, because there is no photo pit, and you can only take side-stage shots (from one side), but it was still a great experience.

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